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We offer you a wide range of services to take care of your heritage online and manage your digital heritage.

Through our online tool you will be able to enjoy numerous mechanisms and processes to protect your digital identity and online reputation, preserve your heritage on the Internet and decide in detail how you want to be remembered when you are no longer there. We help you to leave the best of you.

Online Will

Prepare and organize your will indicating all your assets and properties and at the same time appointing your future heirs.

Now you have the possibility to prepare your will in advance and with ease. List and describe each of your assets, personal belongings and properties and choose the people or entities that will inherit them after your death. Also leave important instructions on the custody of your children or pets and designate your executors. Then, you just have to print your will in PDF format and go to the notary with everything prepared to grant it legal validity. We make it very easy for you.

Living Will

Process and manage from a single place and quickly and easily your document of advance directives or prior instructions.

Leave a written record of what medical care you want to receive for a chronic or irreversible disease and if you can no longer express yourself. Indicate your previous instructions on the chosen medical procedures and care that you will receive from health personnel in the event of physical or mental disability, as a consequence of an incurable illness or accident, for when you can no longer express yourself freely and freely. You can appoint up to three witnesses to attest to your indications and up to three representatives to ensure that your indications are followed.

Messenger Service

Prepare, organize and store with total discretion the words that you will send to your loved ones when you are no longer there.

You can pass on your life experience, tips, best memories, instructions, or secrets. You can write the text of the message as you want and in the format you want, giving it that special touch of yours. Add photos, symbols, emoticons, gifs, or whatever you want in each message to customize it according to the person who will receive it. We will take care of sending by email the messages that you have prepared and saved in this section. Remember that these messages will carry your last words.

Last Posts

Say goodbye as you want in your usual social networks, forums and blogs. Announce your goodbye to everyone and leave one last message.

You have the opportunity to say goodbye as you always wanted by announcing your departure. We will take care of publishing on your social networks, in the forums in which you participate or on your own blog, the articles, comments or messages that you have prepared and saved in this section. Write the text of the message as you want and in the format you want, giving it that special touch of yours. Remember that here is what will be your last tweet, your last Instagram photo, your last comment, your last blog entry …

Delete Online Accounts

Indicate what online accounts or social networks you want us to close and what subscriptions you want us to cancel when you are no longer there.

Decide if you want to remove all or part of the digital trail that you have been leaving on the Internet and the subscriptions that must be canceled and unsubscribed. We will close and completely eliminate all your active accounts for Internet services, such as, for example, social networks, forums, blogs, websites, tools, applications, etc. We will also cancel the subscriptions that you indicate so as not to continue paying for a service that you will no longer be able to enjoy. In this way, you have the opportunity to erase your fingerprint on the Internet.

Commemorative Accounts

Turn your online accounts into commemorative accounts in your memory.

Choose the online accounts or profiles on social networks that must remain visible on the Internet so that everyone remembers you. We will turn your online accounts or your social networks into commemorative accounts, which means that they will remain visible on the Internet forever so that everyone can remember you. Currently only a few online accounts are allowed to become commemorative, but in the future there will be more applications and social networks that add this functionality. You decide how you want to be remembered.

Digital Heritages

Designate a beneficiary for each of your online accounts, digital money, DNA information, copyrights, documents, etc.

Choose the people who will inherit your digital assets and will be in charge of managing them following your own instructions. We will send the person or persons you have chosen as beneficiaries of your digital assets the corresponding information to inherit them: your online accounts or your social networks, the digital money that you have saved or accumulated, specific information about your DNA, your copyright or licenses. about digital content or your documents or files of interest. If you wish, you can also leave a voice note. Decide what to do with your digital legacy and who will manage it.

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Digital Postal Heritage

Send all the relevant information about your digital heritage to your loved ones and in the traditional way.

The people you decide to receive will receive your digital heritage by mail in an elegant and very special format. A classy farewell. We will send by mail to the person or persons that you have chosen as beneficiaries of your digital assets the corresponding information to inherit them: your online accounts or your social networks, the digital money that you have saved or accumulated, specific information about your DNA, your rights to author or licenses on digital content or your documents or files of interest.

Online Reputation

Manage, organize and control everything that has to do with your life and digital identity to defend your rights.

Indicate what data you want to be removed from the network, and what you want to be kept. We will disappear everything that third parties should not find and we will proceed to take the necessary steps to deindex the information in Internet search engines, we will contact the administrators of the websites for the removal of certain content and we will claim before the Spanish Protection Agency of Data your right to honor, image, reputation, intimacy and privacy. You decide the fingerprint that you want to leave.


Create your own video with the message you want to transmit to your family, friends and acquaintances. Say goodbye as you want.

Record yourself with your camera or with your mobile leaving the message you want to send to your loved ones, family, friends, acquaintances or followers. Prepare a video where you appear leaving the message you want to transmit: your best memories, your feelings, your experiences, your secrets, your pending accounts … You can take advantage of the video to reveal who will be the beneficiaries of your will and what you will bequeath to whom, or simply to say goodbye without further ado. We will take care of publishing your video on your social networks, on YouTube, on Vimeo or on any other online video platform.

Memorial Video

Use our recording studio to create your farewell video as if you were a movie star.

We create with great care and great care your memorial video or that of the person you choose with the best multimedia files available for your memory. Add your songs, your images and your favorite phrases to your user area. Then we will lock ourselves in our recording studio and make a professional video mixing all the elements that you have added in a logical sequence and following the script of your life story. You can give us the indications you think appropriate to make the video that best suits your tastes.


Design the meeting place for your loved ones, a place where they can remember you and share their experiences.

Take the time you need to write and design the story of your life. You decide how you want to be remembered. Create and design the place on the Internet where your loved ones, family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues and followers gather to remember you. Tell the story of your life as you wish by adding the words, photos and images that you like the most and the ones you want to be remembered for. Choose a place, a movie, a team, a sport, a book, your favorite quotes and, ultimately, everything that has marked you in life. Combine everything with your favorite colors and the most beautiful environments to create a space on the Internet where they will always remember you how you wanted.

QR/NFC codes

Acquire the QR / NFC code support associated with your biography or that of a family member to digitize platforms for memory.

You can request your codes at any time and keep the biographies always updated. Keep your memory and that of your loved ones alive. Personal or family biographies can be associated with NFC technology (it is a wireless communication technology that allows the exchange of data between devices) and QR (it is a module to store information in a dot matrix or in a two-dimensional barcode) , with available supports made of durable materials that adhere to headstones. In this way, anyone who scans the code will be able to view the biography of the deceased on their device.

Family tree

Manage the biographies of your relatives and create the family tree of the generations of your whole family.

Create and design the biography of all the members of your family and place each of them in their place in the family tree. Build the life story of each of your family members as you see fit, or as they indicate, adding the words, photos and images that they like the most and for which they wish to be remembered. Choose your favorite place, your favorite movie, your favorite team and sport, your favorite book, your favorite quotes and, in short, everything that has marked you in life. Combine everything with your favorite colors and the most beautiful settings to create a space on the Internet where you will always be remembered as you wish, within the family family tree.

Automated online tool!

An internet solution always accessible and secure with numerous functionalities that will allow you to control your entire digital life and prepare your digital will and legacy as you always wanted.

Time Box

Prepare scheduled posthumous messages by creating your own time box for someone who will only receive it on the date stipulated by you.

Schedule messages that will be sent by email to the people you choose on the days you decide, even over the years, to remind them that, even if you left, you are still there. Even when you are gone, your loved ones can still receive email messages from you over the years. You just have to program them and choose the day you want the first one to be sent and how often. For example, you can congratulate your child on the day of her birthday or your partner on the day of your anniversary, and so on for the next 50 years or more. Create your own time box.

Mentor Program

Tool with various utilities that allow you to manage, organize and control various aspects of personal and professional life.

Manage and control your financial and economic situation efficiently, update your personal diary, plan your personal projects and organize your insurance policies. Use this tool to manage and administer various matters of your private or professional life. You can organize and control your assets and liabilities of your economic and financial situation; You can keep your own personal diary where you can keep your experiences, experiences or secrets; you can plan your personal or professional goals; And you can organize all your insurance policies in one place. In this way you can monitor and control your life project comprehensively.

Last Wills

A safe and accessible space immediately to your confidant/s after death where you can leave your last wishes.

Plan down to the smallest detail of your last instructions. Choose the people you want to announce that you have already left. You choose your last wills. Each one defines the elements that will form your funeral and ceremony, such as the type of burial, the place where you want to rest eternally, the text on your tombstone, a song, a text, your last speech and other indications. Even record bank accounts, policies in force, passwords for mobile devices, etc. If you wish, you can also add the details of the people whom we will notify or not about your farewell.


Procedures and protocols for immediate action in the event of harassment through the Internet, social networks or mobile telephony.

Get immediate response on what to do in the event that you or a family member are victims of a harassment event produced through new technologies, such as the Internet, social networks or instant messaging (WhatsApp, Messenger, etc). We put specialized information at your disposal so that you can find answers to all your questions, interesting and emergency telephone numbers, a contact form with an electronic signature to report your case and a place to store all the evidence that demonstrates the harassment suffered. All thought to execute an immediate action that stops the harassment and ensures the protection of the victims, and that also serves so that legal measures can be taken against the harassers.

SOS Service

Locator device for immediate access to relevant information of the carrier or owner in an emergency or accident.

Create the modules you need for immediate access, by the assistant or health personnel, to information regarding the carrier or the owner. Application associated with NFC technology (approaching a smartphone) for access to essential information in the event of accidents, illnesses, allergies or losses, with codes adaptable to different accessories or objects (helmets, key chains, bracelets, pendants, straps), recognizable by accident attendants or emergency physicians for immediate ‘on-site’ access to life-saving information.

Online Presence Report

Get a detailed image of the digital identity and presence on the network of whoever you want through a complete report.

The digital identity is made up of all the data, mentions and information that there is about someone on the Internet. All this remains over time on the network, accessible to anyone. He knows what image is projected on someone on the Internet, through his interaction with her and the reputation that has been generated with his trail. In this personalized document, we analyze and make available to you the digital identity, image, privacy, privacy, security, accounts and networks, information and more data, of the person you choose, and we advise you so that optimal online management can be carried out to help improve personal and professional opportunities.

Digital Erase and Right to be Forgotten

Protect your privacy, intimacy, image and honor on the Internet and on social networks through digital erasure and the right to be forgotten.

Make disappear data and information from you or your family and that appears published on Internet websites, social networks or as search results on Google. We deal with the main search engines, social networks, even the administrators of web publications or blogs, official bulletins and the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. And all with the sole objective of deleting harmful content from the network.

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So many people cannot be wrong. Like all of them, you too can enjoy an innovative and disruptive tool, as well as necessary for a highly technological society in the XXI century.

Post Mortem Management Services

In the event of death, we also offer you the possibility of processing and obtaining certain documents and certificates that serve to confirm the death, as well as to start hereditary or fiscal processes, or obtain pensions and aid.

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