Post Mortem Management

Post Mortem
Management Services

In case of death, we offer you the possibility of processing and obtaining certain documents and certificates.

The death of a person implies the completion and management of a series of procedures to obtain certain documents and certificates that serve to confirm the death, as well as to start hereditary or fiscal processes, or obtain pensions and aid, among others.

What does post mortem management consist of?

Always with the consent of the family, we put at your disposal the processing and obtaining of the documents and certificates of the deceased that are necessary to carry out different procedures.

Pensions and Aids

Certificates and documents necessary for obtaining pensions and different types of aid at the national, regional or provincial level.


Certificates and documents necessary for the processing and initiation of the succession processes with which to manage and administer any inheritance.

Generic Documents

Certificates and necessary documents of a general nature for any type of procedure or management that may need to be carried out in the future.

How to request post mortem management services?

Applying for and obtaining the certificates and documents you need is very simple. You just have to follow the steps that we indicate below.

Step 1 to request post mortem management services

On this same page, a little further down, you will find a list of all the certificates and documents that you can request from our post-mortem management service. Find the one you need.

Step 2 to request post mortem management services

Once you have located the document or certificate you need, access the individual page of said post-mortem management service and consult all the information you will find there.

Step 3 to request post mortem management services

After carefully reading all the information, all you have to do is fill in the form that you will find with all the information we need to process your document.

Post mortem management - Deaths in Spain

Deaths in Spain in 2019

These are ALL the post mortem management services that we put at your disposal.

Widow’s pension

Apply for the processing and obtaining of the widow’s pension after the death of the spouse or domestic partner.

The widow’s pension is an economic benefit that corresponds to the widower / unmarried partner of the deceased (deceased) who would have generated rights and which is regulated according to the provisions of the General Law on Social Security according to Royal Legislative Decree 8 / 2015. Due to the great variety of regulatory and casuistic bases, the realization of this procedure is usually quite complex. Therefore, we recommend leaving the management of this service to professional experts.

Orphan’s pension

He requests the processing and obtaining of the orphan’s pension after the death of the parents or legal guardians of the minors.

When a person dies and leaves children or adolescents over the age of 18, they are entitled to the orphan’s pension, which is an economic benefit paid by the Social Security system. In general, it can be charged up to 21 years, although it can be up to 25 in certain cases. As the casuistry is varied, we recommend leaving the management of this service to professional experts.

Request your document or benefit!

To process and obtain your documents or certificates or obtain any type of benefit, you only have to request the post-mortem management service you need. And if you have any questions, you can contact us. We are here to help you.

Testimonials about post mortem management

My husband died in a workplace accident while inspecting a construction site. He was the only person who contributed income at home. With the help of the widow’s pension at least I have something to subsist on.

Rosario Mendoza


I lost my parents in just over 3 years. I was a teenager and I had to go live with my grandparents. The orphan’s pension has allowed me to study medicine. I want to help find a cure for cancer.

Lorena Salcedo


Find out about our post mortem management services!

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