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    Widow's pension

    What does the widow’s pension consist of?

    The widow’s pension is an economic benefit that consists of a lifetime pension that is granted to those who have had a marital relationship or were a domestic partner with the deceased and meet the required requirements, with the sole objective of protecting the situation of economic need caused for the death of the person originating the benefit.

    Why process the widow’s pension here?

    Although anyone can process the widow’s pension independently and on their own, thanks to the mechanisms set up by Social Security for all citizens, going to a professional offers the following advantages and guarantees.

    Security and tranquility

    The widow’s pension is a milestone that is requested once in a lifetime and that, for that reason and due to the unpleasant circumstances for which it is requested, the person who wishes to process it is usually not emotionally prepared to carry out said management and originates much restlessness. It is quite common that, in addition, the widow’s pension is the only income available, hence the need for speed and efficiency. Finally, the extemporaneous processing has very important economic repercussions. The security offered by the processing by a professional constitutes a more than valid and real guarantee to obtain and obtain the benefit that the widow’s pension entails.

    Savings and comfort

    You do not have to go anywhere to manage your widow’s pension. Through our experts in this type of area, you will receive all the necessary information by phone to request and process the widow’s pension that corresponds to you. In addition, all the necessary documentation that you must provide us will be collected through a courier that we will send to your address. As you can see, we take care of absolutely everything. In this way, you will not only save time, but also travel.

    Affordable for all people

    Both short-term and long-term costs are the most affordable on the market. The amount of the procedure is not relevant, if the necessary time that you should spend obtaining the necessary information, requesting an appointment, traveling, etc. is considered. In many cases, waiting the shift at the Social Security office takes a long time, and there are countless times that you must return with additional documentation. Similarly, if you go to a labor lawyer when the pension has already been resolved and it is wrong, the only way left will be the previous claim and subsequent demand with the extra economic cost.

    100% customized

    The numerous variants that intervene when processing the widow’s pension is due to the enormous number of different cases that usually occur. Each management is different and all factors must be taken into account so that the economic benefit to be charged is the maximum possible. Forgetting certain information or documentation can be crucial. For this reason, we take care of carefully analyzing each case and investigating the working life of the deceased in order to obtain the best possible widow’s pension.

    Post mortem management - Deaths in Spain

    Deaths in Spain

    In Spain there are around 425,000 deaths a year. We have the best specialists in processing the widow’s pension and we accredit a long and proven experience that supports our work.

    Who can get the widow’s pension?

    The widow’s pension can be requested and obtained by all persons whose spouse or domestic partner has died having contributed to the Social Security system, and who also meet a series of requirements. It is necessary to differentiate between Causers, Beneficiaries and Other situations.


    As a general rule, the causes are deceased persons who are integrated into the General Social Security Regime, affiliated and registered or in a situation similar to that of registration, who meet the minimum period of contribution required.
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    As a general rule, the beneficiaries of the widow’s pension are the surviving spouse, the judicially separated or divorced, the survivor whose marriage had been declared null and the survivor of the domestic partner.
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    Other situations

    Situations assimilated to discharge for the purposes of these benefits are also considered to be a series of exceptional cases such as periods of inactivity, incapacitation, other benefits, work in other countries and other situations.
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    What are the requirements and deadlines for the widow’s pension?

    Requirements widow’s pension

    To be a beneficiary of the widow’s pension, it will be necessary to prove a contribution period, which will vary according to the deceased’s employment situation and the cause that determines death:

    • In discharge or situation assimilated to discharge, 500 days within an uninterrupted period of 5 years immediately prior to death or 15 years throughout the entire working life.
    • In not registered: 15 years throughout the entire working life.
    • Pensioners: No contribution period is required.

    No prior contribution period is required, when death occurs as a consequence of an accident or occupational disease.

    In addition, it will be necessary to prove specific conditions in the cases of marriage (when the death is due to a common illness prior to the marriage bond) of separation, divorce, nullity and unmarried partners.

    The benefit will be terminated by contracting a new marriage or constituting a domestic partnership (with exceptions), by a guilty plea in a final judgment of the death of the deceased, by gender violence, by death or by verifying that the disappeared worker did not die.

    Terms of the widow’s pension

    There is no deadline for submitting the application and obtaining a widow’s pension: can be requested whenever you want, even after months or years have passed since the deceased’s death.

    As for the resolution of the file depends on each case and how complicated it is and the variables involved. The administration indicates a maximum of 90 days to resolve the file. However, in 13 days or less you can get your widow’s pension thanks to the work of our experts.

    In the case of registrants registered, assimilated to registration or not, the benefit begins to be charged the day after the date of the causal event, when the request is submitted within 3 months from the date of death.

    In the case of pensioners, the benefit begins to be collected on the first day of the month following the date of the causal event, when the request is submitted within 3 months of the date of death.

    When the application is submitted outside the 3 months following the date of death, it will be accrued with a maximum retroactivity of 3 months from the application date.

    Apply for your widow's pension now!

    Apply now for your widow’s pension. We are specialists in this type of management and procedures. Our experience supports us. Do not wait any longer and request information through our form.

    How to calculate the widow’s pension?

    The economic benefit of the widow’s pension is calculated applying the percentage of 52% to the corresponding regulatory base, in general, this being different according to the employment situation of the deceased on the date of death and the cause that determines death.

    From 01-08-2018 the percentage applicable to the regulatory base of the widow’s pension will be 56%, when the beneficiary person meets certain following requirements. From 01-01-2019 the percentage applicable to the regulatory base will be 60%. When the beneficiary has family responsibilities and a certain level of income, the percentage may increase to 70%.

    When the pension is not accessed, for not accrediting the duration of the marriage or not having children in common, a temporary benefit will be paid, for two years, in an amount equal to the widow’s pension that would have been due.

    The pension is paid monthly, with two extraordinary payments in the months of June and November, except for occupational accident and illness pensions, which are divided between the twelve ordinary monthly payments.

    The pension has guaranteed minimum amounts and is revalued at the beginning of each year. The pension is subject to Personal Income Tax (IRPF).

    Pensión de Viudedad - Cuantía

    Average in euros of the benefit

    In Spain, the average benefit charged for a widow’s pension is 649,19 € if all requirements are met. Our specialists always get the best possible financial benefit for you.

    Call us and we will attend you personally in everything you need.

    Widow’s pension testimonials

    I was a bricklayer and with the crisis I haven’t worked for years. My wife was the only one who brought money home. After I passed away, I had to resort to a widow’s pension to avoid losing my house and continuing with my life.

    José Luis Amorrortu

    Long-term unemployed

    My husband died in a workplace accident while inspecting a construction site. He was the only person who contributed income at home. With the help of the widow’s pension at least I have something to subsist on.

    Rosario Mendoza


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